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S. leucophylla at UC Davis, California (pics)

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I visited UC Davis yesterday and Ernesto, the curator of the UCD Botanical conservatory, gave me a tour of a new greenhouse (well, relatively new) located on top of one of the science buildings. Back when I was in college, the lab TA's would get ticked off at my friends and I for ditching classes to do tissue culture in another lab (for fun of course) and hang out at the conservatory. I think they would have been less disappointed if we're skipping class to drink booz or smoke dope, haha

Anyow, UCD has a pretty neat CP display, and the most note-worthy ones this time of the year was S. leucophylla.

I tried to catch Ernesto offguard in this photo, but apparently, he was on high alert and knew I was going to photograph him:


A typical S. leucophylla clone:


Another clone up close:


S. leucophylla Hurricane Creek White-this greenhouse was very warm this time of the year, and there is supplemental lighting as well. Check out the slight yellow tinge on the lower portion of the petiole:


This trap was pretty big and the trap felt fuzzy:


Another shot-sorry, the light from this angle sucked:


In contrast, here are some plants growing outdoors-some of these may be the same clone as photographed above:



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