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Hi, i'm considering the idea of switching to coco peat, and i'd like some comments by who already tried it :)

I know that there have been some good results with Sarracenia and Nepenthes, but i'd want to know more details... and what about the other genera?

Thank you. Bye :)

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Always use a brand not washed in salt water.

That's fine but how u know which brand is washed in salt and which is not? In the market there are many products and different suppliers of coco peat.

However, I know only one for sure which doesn't contain salt i.e. the coco peat isn't washed in salt water, cuz I have tested it in laboratory and the product comes from Sri Lanka. In fact all products coco peat, coco husk, barks and etc. that comes from Sri Lanka aren't washed in salt i.e. in ocean water but the same can't be said for the rest.

So, what brand do u use?

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I put 3 Ceph seeds in a mix of Cana Coco Plus, Pearlite and re-hydrated sphagnum last December and had 2 germinate within a month.

You can see them here

Still waiting for number 3 to germinate. ;)

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Coir is just as good as peat, it has the same moisture retention capacities and has good aeration. Its also better cos there is a ridiculous amount available, peat is slowly disappearing due to the lack of knowledge when it comes to harvesting it!

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