Thumb Peak, Victoria, Tambuyukon & Trus Madi - Palawan & Borneo December Expedition

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Dear all,

For those who are interested, I've uploaded images from the November-December expedition to Palawan and Borneo.

Highlights include a return visit to Thumb Peak, in the Iwahig Prison & Penal Colony, as well as Mount Victoria and an excursion to see Nepenthes bicalcarata in a lowland peat swamp. Once again, some new orchid taxa were identified, one a saprophyte and the other a remarkable epiphyte. Featured plants include (among others):

Nepenthes deaniana

Nepenthes philippinensis

Nepenthes attenboroughii

Nepenthes reinwardtiana

Nepenthes fusca

Nepenthes macrovulgaris

Nepenthes gracilis

Nepenthes mirabilis

Nepenthes stenophylla

Nepenthes burbidgeae

Nepenthes rajah

Nepenthes villosa (Tambuyukon form)

Drosera ultramafica

You can view the entire album on Facebook.

Please let me know should you encounter any problems viewing the album, or if you have any questions about the trip or plants encountered.

Happy Christmas!


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Hi Alistair, I can view your album OK, and it is fantastic, so many great pics. Thanks very much for sharing...a real treat.

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Dave, please try now. Apologies for any inconvenience; I simply don't have the time at present to upload them elsewhere. It may help if you are signed into Facebook, although it used to be the case that a public link was a public link.



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Everyone except Nicolas; since that mountain is so straightforward and doesn't require much motivational support, I left them with the local guides and took him south to find the N. bicalcarata. The diversion wasn't a guaranteed thing, so I was really happy that we found it, as it is now the furthest north site that this species is known from.

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