Seperated VFT plants.


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Hi everyone,

I seperated my VFT today and took a few photo's.

This is the plant seperated ,


One of the new divisions, with a few older roots and a new one at the base of the rhizome,


And the Mother and daughters potted up and settling in.


This is my first attempt at dividing a plant and I've already been asked by friends for clones, so I hope they do well.



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Did you separate the plants before they became dormant? I'd keep a good look out for any botrytis if I were you.

Some leaves and traps are dying back, but they are also growing new ones, so I'm not too sure if they are going dormant or not. Temperatures have only been going down to around 10C so far.

I will be keeping an eye on them for any fungal growth or mould and I've also emptied the water out of the saucers now the substrate is wetted through. I'll just be keeping them damp through the winter.

Thanks for the advice. :good2:

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I'm no expert but all my vft out in the greenhouse are dying back with the leaves going black. Like you I keep them just damp and hope they all come good again in the spring. With any luck yours should make it into the new year. I'm sure other people will give you the benefit of their experience but generally you should only divide plants when they have a chance of putting on new growth. That's why you see a lot of, for instance, new sarracenia divisions come the spring.

Good luck,

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Thanks again Martin,

I read a few conflicting posts regarding dividing plants and as I've had friends asking for them, decided to do it sooner rather than later.

Fingers crossed.

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