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I`m collecting Syngonium species about a year. I have bought all my plants at garden shops, but i have watched pictures about very nice plants, example red leaves and other species than S.podyphyllum. My question is, where i can buy seeds? I havent found good web shop? Can anybody help?

Other question is which species of Amorphophallus i can grow in room temparature at all year? As indoor plant?

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I have Syngonium growing wild over my place, it's a weed here. Mostly podyphyllum. They produce lots of flowers but I've never seen them set seed, for which I'm glad.

It depends what you call "room temperature" but lot of Amorphophallus should be okay. Most go dormant in the colder months so if kept dry and insulated there's no problem. If you want one that will keep growing year long then the closest I know is A. titanum. But for it it's better that temperatures never get below about 15C and are up in the mid 20's most of the time. I have one now growing 3 years without dormancy, but others that have gone for a full year and 2 years without dormancy. It seems to be variable.

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Stephen beat me to it.

I also have an ever growing collection of A. konjac bulbs I'm trying to give away. The main bulb is slowly getting bigger, but it keeps throwing out multiple small bulbs year on year. Many end up on the compost heap.

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