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I'm keen to try growing some Asclepiads. Can anybody recommend something easy enough for a beginner to keep and hopefully get to flower. Has to be something available to buy in UK too I suppose.


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Guest Andreas Eils

How about Ceropegia carnosa? Tis a weed! :laugh: Or Ceropegia woodii. Orbea variegata is also very nice. Haven´t managed to get it into flower though... :dry:

Huernia zebrina is very beautiful. I don´t have it yet.

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I've grown stapelia variegata from seed without any skill, just left the seed on a moist soil/sand 50/50 mix. As long as you give them a dry season and don't keep them too wet (look out for mealy bugs!!) they grow very fast.

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Thanks everybody, these all sound very good to get my interest going. Has anybody had any experience with the International Asclepiad Society?

Stephen, I sent a PM.

Thanks again everybody...I'll probably be coming back for growing advice soon :)

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