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new nepenthes terrarium (with extra plants)

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here are some pics nepenthes/drosera terrarium I wanted to show.

the total terrarium:


some details:

the waterfall(with nepenthes gentle x gentle seedlings and 1 U.calycifida)


an indistructible N. truncata(keeps making on pitchers no matther what)


my small truncata:


and N. stenophylla x veitchii witch starting to make his first pitchers since it is moved to the terrarium:


Thanks for watching!

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So well landscaped! Very nice!

Thanks for the nice comments!

here is my other terrarium with heliamphora/genlisea/drosera/utricularia and some other plants:


H.minor auyan tepui and the genlisea and utric.


extra picture of H. minor:


H.hetrodoxa x minor flowering al year long :D


Thanks for watching!!

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I still want a gekko but I am scared for the fertilising of the soil. do you have any Idea for it?

You mean fertilising by its excrements? Do not worry... the plants in good conditions (and yours are looking good) will profit from a small addition of nutrients. Choose some small species, it will not break the leaves of plants, larger ones could break the fragile leaves of helis.

I have only very small experience with gekkos, but maybe some small species of Phelsuma? Phelsuma quadriocellata perhaps? But they prefer tall terraria if i remember well. Terrestrial chameleons would be great - some from genus Brookesia or maybe Rhampholeon.



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I think that one of the small terrestrial species would be satisfied in your terrarium. But there is one thing, about which i am not sure - what temperatures do you have there? Reptiles are generally quite temp demanding and need even some places to heat under strong light... they are not good into highland conditions. Amphibians are much better in this and they tolerate and often even demand lower temps than most of the reptiles. They also do not need UV lights which is strongly recommended for most of the reptiles (at least for the day-living species).

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