identify Sarracenias

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Nowadays there is an endless number of hybrid Sarracenias, after a dozen crossings starts getting hard to find the origins of a particular plant. I am newbie, I wonder if is possible the help from more experienced growers to identify these Sarracenias:

Sarracenia 1


Sarracenia 2


Sarracenia 3


I hope you can help me,and sorry for the not very good english...

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They all look as though they involve S. flava.... I'd venture to say that the last one is some kind of S. x moorei, but I can't tell with the others.

Don't trust me though! :biggrin:

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As people have already stated they are hybrids,that's definate.They contain leucophylla as one parent due to the white fenestrations and hairs under the lid but the other parent/parents are an educated guess,it could be rubra or flava depending on which clone was used.

If it was rubra you would expect a plant with plenty of growth points and possibly shorter in its growth habit.(RED FLOWERS)

If it was crossed with flava you would expect a larger plant with few,possibly one growth point and pink/orange flowers and that is if there is nothing else included in the cross.

Unless you know where/or who you got it from, to ask them,i afraid its about as close to knowing as you'll get.


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