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Dionaea made in France


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Dionaea muscipula "Miss Pimbêche" (unregistered)

Dionaea "Miss Pimbêche" was bred in 2010, named by Lucien Blacher, and is a seedling from a cross made between

the officially registered cultivar 'Wacky Traps' (seed plant) and the unregistered cultivar "Trichterfalle" (pollen plant).

"Miss Pimbêche" was named for its relatively long, in comparison to the size of the trap, marginal lashes which

are reminiscent of those on women wearing a lot of makeup. " Pimbêche" roughly translates to "minx" in English.

A small and elegant plant, the marginal lashes of "Miss Pimbêche" are 10mm in length and line the edges

of traps that only reach approximately 20mm in length. Overall plant size is 100mm in diameter. Traps are fully functional.

The long marginal lashes take on a pink coloration in autumn. Trap interiors develop deep red interiors in good light,

especially in autumn. Growth habit and flower morphology are typical of the speices.






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I wouldnt be happy with this one myself as a new cultivar, yet. I can see that the other traps look like typical ones. I would do some more crosses first to try and get the lashes consistently long.

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The point is that the plant is very pretty and looks unusual. Giving it a cultivar name or not is of secundary importance, although I think it deserves it.

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