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Root rot?

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So I have a couple nepenthes from a nursery. They all seem to be growing well except for my N. miranda which has some black leaf tips.




my guess is that it is the potting media. It looks to be almost entirely peat. Im going to repot it in pure lfs for now because that is all I have. Does this look like root rot?

Should I re-pot my others? They are all from the same source and have the same potting media. Right now they are all growing fantastically and I dont want to screw up a good thing.

I've never repotted nepenthes before. I assume they'll be stressed by the change but are their any signs I should look for that indicate too much stress?

thanks guys,


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Try with re-pot, but i think is normal to dry the leaves, especially if the plant has been stressed recently.

Important, watch it if is begin to dry out the new leaves. If this is the case.. then we have a problem.



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