whats the best potting mix for n. edwardsiana?

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A standard 2:1:1 live sphagnum - orchid bark - pumice compost works quite well; and if you're fortunate enough to be dealing with seed, a 2:1 or 1:1 mix of of milled sphagnum or sphagnum peat to horticultural sand is quite successful (and ensures that the slow-growing seedlings are not overgrown by live mosses) . . .

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Yeah, sure. N. edwardsiana is an epiphytic Nepenthes and this makes it a very easy species to cultivate. Its large size, on the other hand, can make it more difficult. It likes the same culture as do N. ventricosa (although this one also grows on silca mineral) and highland N. veitchii; spongy organic materials. Various Nepenthes soil will work and those which work the best for other epiphytic species in your collection should be tried first. Very different soil from what N. rajah grows in: ultramafic mineral.

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