Can you identify this Pinguicula

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I bought this Ping about half an year ago from a store, the tag says "Pinguicula Weser", but I just got it to flower, and I can see that it obviously isn't Weser. Since I don't grow a lot of pings, could you help me identify it? Maybe it's a hybrid. It also looks a little like Gigantea to me.

This is what the flower looks like


Here are the leaves and the same flower while it was still a tiny stalkling..


Thanks in advance!

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I have one more question. It's supposed to go into dormancy (and out of the three plants in the pot, two of them are flowering, and one of them is forming winter rosette :x ...) So what should I do, should I force the plant into a dry period, eventually losing its flowers as well? It has more flowers forming at the base. If I don't give the plant dormancy, will that be fatal? What do you suggest?

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Generally speaking, Mexican Pinguicula don't need a dormant period as far as I'm aware.

That's not totally right. They are many kinds of Mexican butterworts and some seem to absolutely need to rest.

But Pinguicula x 'Tina' is a really resistant hybrid that can grow all year round.

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Most of the Mexican butterworts need dormancy but Pinguicula 'Tina' is a strong hybrid. My Pinguicula 'Tina' always goes dormant and during this period it makes shorter and less sticky leaves. Don't worry about the flowers because this hybrid will make a lot of new flowers in no time.

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