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Darlingtonia californica


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Hello, I'm new here so my name is Ricardo I have 15 years and I am from Portugal :)

Unfortunately I'm not here for the best reasons :/

I decided to give a big step and try cultivating Darlingtonia, I bought my Darlingtonia from the site carnivoria.eu, I don´t have any complaints about the plant and the way she came, but I think she doesn't like my clime :S

She initially went to the house of a friend of mine I did this because we made the order together.

In his home the darling was like this:


Uploaded with ImageShack.us

(Forget the blue circle)

She was in my friend's house for a week and a half.

She was very good health as you can see...

Then she started dry the tongues just a little bit and I thought that was just the dormancy...

I went to pick her up, and she was like this:


Uploaded with ImageShack.us

Not much difference

She was in Polonia because the cultivator of the carnivoria is from there, so very cold temperatures than at here Portugal is around 17ºC, she started dry the big pitcher and then other pitchers and now is like this:


Uploaded with ImageShack.us


Uploaded with ImageShack.us


Uploaded with ImageShack.us

I don't know why is she like that :/

Is it because of climate change?

She is in my garden to catch up with the cold, she is at winter full sun, but the vessel is protected, as moss at the surface ..

The substrate is composed of 1 part peat, 1 part pine bark, perlite and 1 part 1 part moss ...

I'm over watering and let drain into the dish.

What can I do more?

What's the possible mistake I made?

Thank you very much

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I forgot to say one thing.

I have the Darling in my house for about two days!

On the first day I put the plant in my shed that is where I have my Nepenthes so is warm and humid, and I think that was the mistake that cause this that's when she started to dry traps, the second day is when I put her in the garden in the cold!

Is there any chance of the Darling returning in the spring with force? Or is already dead?

I'm so sad :(

Thanks :)

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As Fred. said when they shrivel like that they are very dead, usually from getting too hot. Try again but this time keep it a lot wetter, especially when you first get it. My Darlingtonia stand in quite deep water all year round. They are completely hardy outside, down to less than -20c for me so far.

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Thank you for the comments!

I still have some hope, because in the center is still a pitcher in develop, and she also have 2/3 pitchers alive!

I read that even if they lose all the leaves still exists chance to burst in spring. So I will wait until then and I will check the center and the roots!

But thank you all : D

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