Hi i am a Natalie from New Zealand


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Hi Natalie, welcome to CPUK, you've come to the right place to learn all about these fascinating plants.

Had you got any particular species you wanted to grow from seed? I only have some small experience with Drosera capensis and regia plus a few others. D capensis is considered a weed by many and should germinate easily. Of my D regia seeds, only 4 germinated out of a couple of dozen or so but they were at least a year old so maybe this was not unexpected. Sarracenia minor var okefenokeensis germinated OK for me. Other than that I haven't really had much success as I suspect I had old seeds.

One thing to remember is that many of these plants are slow growing so, whilst it is very rewarding to grow your own plants from seed, some of them can take a while to mature.

I'm sure some of the other guys will be along soon to give you a fuller picture of all things to do with growing from seed.

Good luck and happy growing


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