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Aldrovanda in aquarium


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What kind of conditions aldrovanda need? I`m working to setup where i can grow tropical water lilies and aquatic cp`s. I dont know anything about aldrovanda, so every info os needed. Can i grow in 20-40 aquarium, can i put example some little crabs to same aquarium? Example caridina or neocaridina? How the heat? Is room temparature good?

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I don't think an aquarium is an adequate environment for them. They really do best when outside, in full sunshine. I had pretty good success (until this year) growing a small colony in a 10 gallon tank, on the porch, with bog plants and U. gibba.


The bigger the environment, the better.

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For the winter, you want to aim for something just above freezing. They will for turions. You can either put them in a fridge or a garage or an attic. I had mine in a tub of water, in an 80qt cooler, in the garage.





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