How are my plants doing?


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Hey guys, wondering if my nepenthes are doing alright. The leaves are getting some red coloration but i think thats just intense light, not dying plants. There's also some brown spots on some leaves.

The reason I asked is because i just recently moved them from outside to under 4 24w 6500k compact florescents. The reddening might also be from when they were outside.


^^^ N. ventricosa with the most reddening. The closest leaf is probably sunburn from when i first got him.


close up


N. alata x ventricosa. this guy has more browning but I believe it was due to not enough water when i was vacationing.

They're young and otherwise look healthy so im not terribly worried. The N. alata wont pitcher for me (shipped to me in the spring) but these are my first ones, im not expecting giant pitchers right away. Any comments on my set up or plants would be great

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Hi, when you say outside, do you mean greenhouse or in the garden?

Personally i find very few neps do even just ok outside, but thats up here in the frozen north.

Some of it looks like insect damage or being too dried out in the wind but the new growth looks fine. The compost looks a bit heavy and may be too wet, it needs to get fairly dry between waterings. Only other comment is if you can find a sunny window they would probably prefer that to the cfl, even 100w is not huge, ventratatas generally dont pitcher well without direct sunlight for at least part of the day, or at least very good lighting.

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