Byblis liniflora

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I've got some byblis liniflora seeds and Im ready to sow them. However, I've red that I have to use 10% of bleach. Can I use Vanish stain remover for it? Just to make sure- I need to add 3ml of blach to 30ml of water right? :happy:

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I've grown Byblis liniflora from seed twice now. To my surprise the seed germinated within ten days both times. The first time I used seed from BestCarnivorousPlants, and the second time I used seed from ICPS (stored in the fridge for a year before sowing). No idea if I've just been very lucky. (Sowing conditions: not very bright light, approximately equivalent to bright shade, and 26-28 degrees during the day.)

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I can attest to germinating B. linfilora without 10% bleach solution. I took this horrible picture a week ago. These seedlings were treated like any other sundew:


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Shall I just sow them without any pre-treatment?

Of course not!

1.Bleach the seeds in solution of 5ml of bleach mix with 100ml of rain or RO water. Not less nor more.

2. When you put the seeds in this solution you'll see how they change their color - from black to white or pale white.

3. Bleach them and pick them up and wash them too, as soon as possible when they turn white.

4. Then wash them in pure rain or RO water, so theres no stain of bleach on them before sowing.

As u know already I use sandy potting mix for any Byblis as a media, but the choice is yours. However, before you plant the seeds, make sure that your potting mix is enough warm! Under my conditions the temps are above 46C during the day in summer....Anyway good luck!


Hope that helps but if u have any other questions, please let me know.


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Right. Now Im confused :) Different people saying different things. I will soak 1/2 seeds in bleach and the other half sow without any other treatment. We'll see at the results...:)

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