Some Sarracenia and VFT

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here are some pictures of my plants, especially the S. leucophylla start to look good.

comp 20120930 144203

S. leucophylla Helmuth's Delight

comp 20120930 144211

S. leucophylla Cronus Titan

comp 20120930 144248

S. x moorei 'Timothy King'

comp 20120930 152959

This is a seed grown S. leucophylla, which a very intersting bulbous shape in the autumn pitchers

comp 20120930 153006

comp 20120930 153013

The last one is a spring/summer pitcher

comp 20120930 154007

VFT Jaws Smiley

comp 20120930 154013

VFT Alien

comp 20120930 154018

VFT Harmony

comp 20120930 154023

VFT Microdent

comp 20120930 154029

VFT Coquillage

comp 20120930 154033

VFT Red Cup Tra

comp 20120930 154039

VFT Louchapates

comp 20120930 154108

VFT Tigerfang

comp 20120930 154121

Overview of my flytraps

I hope you like them.



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