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Getting started again

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Because of health reasons this was put on the back burner for too long.

As spring has arrived in Aust I am about to get the Terrarium up and going as soon as possible.

I have decided to use an UGF Under Gravel Filter on the bottom of the tank.


One of the risers will become my watering point that means the watering will always be done from below and not pouring water over the plants.

That is set up for a fish tank.

To hide the clear tubing I will coat it in an Aquarium safe silicone and cover it with that same stones that are on the backing

I would appreciate any comments please.


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Only healthy ones I hope.

To be honest I do not know, I will be taking the tank to a local commercial grower ASAP and as they are the experts I will with them to get the best out of that small tank.

Cost I have spent so much so far, why do it on the cheap by going to a home hardware garden section and saying I will have this and that not knowing if they are suitable for my tank.

I will update as I go along.


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Interesting project, it would be nice to see the final setup. How are you planning to populate it?

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I have only seen what the grower has at garden displays I have nevery been to their nursery it will be very interseting to see what I will leave with.

It will all be planned out before I leave on a full sized plan drawing.

This is where I will be getting all my plants from




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Nov 25th 2012

Today I went to a local commercial Carnivorous plant grower.

I took the Terrarium with me plus a plan drawing.

It took about 1hour to work out what went where as there must have been 1000s of plants to choose from.

Once we (excellent helper) worked out what would be the most suitable (established size, shape and colour) I honed in on the softer reds to give an over similar appearance.

I thought that piece of Gold Vine (driftwood) would be a whisker too big, in an instant with out thinking I turned it on its end and perfect exactly what I wanted

As I had the Terrarium with me it was very easy to plan it all out some worked and others totally unsuitable (too tall, too big, or too red).

1 Sarracenia leucophylla XX Courtii F. Northern ‘red’

3 Drosera (taller different varieties)

6 Dionea (small low variety)

3 Dionea (taller and darker variety)

When it was finished I heard a few comments on how we had set it up.






When it came to the cost I was very pleasantly surprised compared to the prices I had seen at a few garden suppliers.

I will be setting up a Under Gravel Filter (Previous Photo) system so that when I water the plants (via a tube) it will be under the peat moss

Next few days I will be setting up the light frame, and then start the planting.


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You are 100% correct, the method I will be using is incerting a soft plastic tube into the riser tube and a kitchen funnel on the top end and just gently pour the water into the tube.

To hide the riser tube I will coat it with an Aquarium safe Silicone then roll it it 1-3mm river stones same as on backing.

I am in no hurry as its a get it right first time.

I have done a lot of Aquarium Aquascaping and as long as I follow all the basic rules it will be OK to start off with and fantastic when established (I hope)


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