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Misting or shading in hot weather.

Richard Hole

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Do Sarracenias that were potted about 12 months ago grow much better if they are either shaded or cooled by a light fogging mist during hot weather? If so, what would the shade temperature have to rise above for the plants to get stressed when shading or misting would be beneficial? My plants grow in full sun outdoors. Bear in mind the temperature in the sun may be 20 degrees higher than the shade temperature.

I have a system set up to provide fogging when the temperature rises above about 30 degrees Celsius in the shade. However, currently I am using it on the newly potted plants where I am providing the fogging when the temperature gets above about 27 degrees. I do not want to provide it then to the plants potted last year as it could be too much. I may have to set up a separate solenoid and temperature sensor for the older plants.

Would it be best to also provide the fogging to Venus Fly Traps and Drosera capensis and binata when it is hot weather and if so, what would the shade temperature have to rise to for me to be consider providing it?

Regards Richard.

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Do you know how hot the temps get in the sunny areas?

Just my personal experience, but I find Sarrs and DMs pretty durable in hot weather. Summer temps here are always well over 30 in the shade, and humidity sometimes drops quite low in the middle of the day. I've never bothered using fogging/misting, but I do keep them out of direct sun (under a frosted awning) for the hottest part of the day during the hottest months (some plants got crisped a couple of years ago after a day of full sun). In general they seem to do okay with this setup.

D. binata does okay for me too in hot weather ... better than a lot of my other Drosera in fact. I don't bother protecting it from heat, just from blasting hot winds.

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