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Help re-IDing S.alata clones

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Hi all,

I have three different clones of Sarracenia alata together with three bits of location/description data, but I am unsure which belongs to which as over the years they have been mixed up! I'm hoping some of you here will be able to help out with a positive ID?

The clone descriptions are:

Sarracenia alata - Jackson MI

Sarracenia alata - red throat 2

Sarracenia alata - heavily veined in throat, W. Louisiana

Here are example photos of the three clones (see below for my personal findings)...

S.12 Plant:


S.12 Pitcher:


S.12 Flower:


S.15 Pitcher:


S.15 Pitcher:


S.16 Pitcher:


S.16 Flower:


My notes/findings:

S.12 has a very pointed hood to the pitcher, which cannot really be seen clearly in the photos (I can try and get a better one if it helps?). It develops no noticeable redness to the underside of the hood/pitcher opening and has limited venation.

S.15 has a definite waviness to the hood edge. Strong red colouration under the lid and many veins.

S.16 has a definite bulge to the top of the pitcher just before the opening. Strong red colouration under the lid and many veins. This clone grows very tall and although not noticeable in the example photo above, the pitcher lid is almost at a right angle to the back of the pitcher, i.e. creating a flat topped C-shape profile when viewed from the side (I can get a better photo if needed).

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Hello Stu, are they seed grown? do you know where you got them from or who?

I only ask because if they are seed grown anyone would just be guessing.

I have one from west louisiana and mine looks most like your first plant,it never has any red in the lid or pitcher only heavy veins.

The last one looks like some i have grown from seed that originate from stone co but i wouldn't say for sure,and for the jackson co plants i have them from just green veined to almost black tubed.


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Hi Ada,

Thanks for the quick reply and information.

They are divisions I acquired 6th December 2005 but unfortunately I have lost the information on whom I purchased them from. I am pretty certain it was someone from this forum though and via a topic listed here with the plants for sale. Will a search bring up information that far back?!

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Turns out you can search for older posts, but the ones I need are periodically deleted in 'Sales & Wants' (which makes sense).

Trawling back through my Paypal history, I am now almost certain it was DennisB who I obtained the plants from. :)

I've sent him a PM.

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