B. Gigantea leafes

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Maybe too hot? Or lack of temperature night drop? I have recieved one too and placed it into my greenhouse. The temperatures are quite low, certainly mostly below 20 °C (and night drop was today almost to zero outside). The plant looks nice and healthy. As i look back on the Stefan`s photos of the plants for sale, it seems he kept them also in the greenhouse (check the second picture: http://www.cpukforum.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=47153).

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It looks OK to me. Don't worry too much about the leaves turning black- the old leaves will almost certainly slowly die away after the trauma of travelling. I'd keep it on the windowsill- B gigantea does not appreciate excessive humidity. What does the growing point look like? Within a few days to a few weeks, it should begin to produce new growth. Once settled, it should grow very fast.


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If the window is truly south-facing, and there are no obstructions, it should be fine on a windowsill. I have overwintered Byblis gigantea on south-facing windowsills on a number of occasions. They survive the low light levels in the winter. As to whether to move it now, you will need to use your discretion- they do not appreciate humid environments such as may be commonly found in terraria, but if your plant is stressed, another move may not be welcomed.

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