News from my highland terrarium

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That is a massive series !! Not sure what is most relevant to be pointed out.

Let's say that I do fancy the N. glabrata's natural appearance and the less hairy H. minor var. pilosa.

BTW, congrat's for your U. campbelliana :). It seems you master the culture of most of the trickiest Utricularia around.

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Thanks Vince!

At least I manage most from the section Orchidioides and Chelidon... All others have hard times! :-D

I still envy you a bit for your 6 flowers on your U. campbelliana. Also U. mannii seems to like it a lot on your xaxim wall - can't wait to see some more from the section Orchidioides in flower there!!!


The N. glabrata pitcher is the first one which grew in my Vaccinium spec. Borneo - now I remember again why I started to grow thisone and also some other Rhododendron spec.. ;-)





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your wish is my command! :D


Some Heliamphora exappendiculatas from various locations



Heliamphora neblinae 'mysterious giant'





My favourite ionasii Klon 1



Another one clone 4



Heliamphora minor var. pilosa Auyan giant: gettin some dark color!



my second clone from Auyan is growing much slower but has a nicer shape...



also some of the pulchellas are gettin darker...


Churi clone



Amuri hairless clone



Amuri clone Z10



H. huberi Amuri



H. minor Cerro la Luna (possibly hairy)



H. sarracenioides 'squat' is one of my favourite Helis at the moment, but also U. mannii is flowering like crazy!






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It seems it was very useful to ask for some pictures, those are great Heliamphora :) !


I really like the U. mannii, the Z10 H. pulchella, the dark pilosa and the killer ionasi. Difficult to make a choice ;).

What are the features of the clone #4 ? Is it the long bristles one ? I'm quite lost among all the ionasi clones.


AW told me H. minor "Burgundy Black" come from a bunch of seedlings of H. minor var. pilosa {Cerro la Luna}.

I think we can say your H. minor {Cerro la Luna} resembles it quite a lot, doesn't it ?

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Hi Vince,
thanks a lot for the nice comment! I agree, it's hard to choose a favorite amoung them. The clone 4 comes from the same source as my killer 1, but it's not the long bristled one - it's a striped clone from seeds that should get quite big too... ;-)

My long bristled clone (alias killer 2) is flowering atm and not really showy!


Yes, as far as I know BB comes from Cerro la Luna, but this one might be hairy outside... not as pilosa, but just a slight thin indumentum! Maybe BB as that too, I don't know, because my plant just got adult (again)...

But they are both slow as hell!!! :D

How is yours looking??





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very nice plants! How old is your N. macrophylla please?




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