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Dear CP lovers,

since 2007 the German Carnivorous Plant Society (G. F. P. - Gesellschaft für Fleischfressende Pflanzen im deutschsprachigen Raum e. V.) yearly publishes a calendar of photos of carnviorous plants taken by society members and also other skilled photographers printed in very high quality. Some of you surely know about this and have also purchased one or the other of these calendars.

I´m happy tp present you the calendar for the year 2013:

Please visit this page to see previews of the calender 2013 - http://forum.carnivo...160#entry154160

It´s 44 x 34 cm in size, printed on 250 g glossy photo paper, 13 sheets (title plus 12 months), process-colour printing, double loop wire binding with hanger, black back cardboard 380 g, transperancy film covering title

Run: 350 copies

Price: 15,00 EUR (equals £ 12,55) we marked down the price to 9€ (equals ca. 7,84£)

Available at: bestellservice [@] carnivoren [dot] org (delete the brackets and spaces in front of and behind the "@" in your address line, please) :-) I have not activated Spam filters to make sure everyone who seriously wants to get a copy of the calendar will reach me via his email address. But I want to annoy Spam robots, I hope you understand.

Shipment costs:

1 copy can be sent as extra large letter for 7,00 EUR everywhere in Europe (also Switzerland and other non EU countries).

2 copies are best shipped as two extra large letters each for 7,00 EUR everywhere in Europe. 3 - 6 calendars need to be shipped as a parcel for 17,00 EUR postage inside European Union.

Outside Europe it´s of course even more expensive! There are various zones for the rest of the world for the German Post with graduated shipment costs. For example one parcel (3-6 calendars) to the United States will cost 36,00 EUR.

After mail order (email) you´ll receive a reply your order has entried. I have not installed an auto reply so it may take a couple of hours `til I reply. If you shouldn´t receive a reply from me within 48 hours please contact me here via pm. In that case I haven´t received your email order for what reason ever.

By your order please give me the name (at least surname) of the addressee (most likely yourself) and his (your) full address including the country you live in. And please mention the number of copies you wish to have.

Payment is possible via international bank transfer or by PayPal (additional fees are due - normally 1,9% to 3,5% of the total amount you transfer + 0,35 EUR). It´s necessary to pay in advance.

I hope I have announced all relevant details on this calendar and how to get it. If not please ask me I´m a very patient man! ;-)

The calendar is bilingual (German/English). You´ll see the abbreviations of the weekdays (Monday to Sunday) (upper line German, lower line English), the calender weeks below and the number of the days in the last line. Here´s a cutout you can see it more precisely. :-)

All important German bank holidays are also mentioned.

On the back side of the title you´ll find an imprint also in German and English which gives you an overview of the photos and the photographers and also details about the shown plant(s) and the location where these pictures were taken.

*Uff* A lot of stuff to tell you.

I hope you´ll enjoy the calendar.

Kindest regards from the calendar team.

Edited by Sebastian D.
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there are still copies left, so please don't hesitate to order from Sebastian! To show you what you can expect, please see the following sample pictures:





Should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!!


Edited by Christian
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Hi guys,

we're in the middle of november and the number of calendars is decreasing very fast. At the moment there are still enough copies left, but how long?

So if you'd like to get your copiy of this beautifull thing, please order know, before you start the new year sad and crying ab.gif

As mobile says it's a wonderfull gift for christmas. Even more because people often search for small presents that relatives or friends can make a gift of.

Oh yes why did we get only one feedback up to know? Doesn't the calendar strike your taste? We are always thankfull for comments and critique, positive and negative.

Cheers Marcus

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