Drosera roraimae


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Hi everyone

Some time ago I bought the seeds of Drosera roraimae from Best Carnivorous Plants. Then they are now germinating and forming small seedlings.

Seeing their germination, I browsed through the Internet to look up the information about this sundew but I couldn't find so much but a lot of beautiful photos of them at tepuis.....

So anyone who has experiences to grow Drosera roramimae, please give me any tips. And I'd also like to know how to treat the plants during winter.

I used dried sphagnum for the seedbed. Now the temperature here is between 35C and 25C, which is quite hot but the pot of the seedlings is under half-shade. And in winter here the temp. is down to - 5 C.

Thanks a lot

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Hello, D. roraimae does not differ much from any average south american mountain sundew. It is one of easier species.

These are my experiences:

Lots of light (as much as possible), day temps up to 25 °C (it can survive a little more, but not over 30°C in a long-term cultivation) but a night drop can be to 10 - 15 °C. Or stable temps around 19 °C - both work very well for me. High air humidity, peat:sand mix (approx. 1:1). I used to grow it very succesfully in my tiny cooled box (see http://www.cpukforum.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=44139 ), but since i moved to the family house with cool basement, i moved it there and switched the cooling system off (it would uselessly consume electricity, when the basement is cool enough). The plants in the box still grows very well.

I have never grown it from seeds, but concerning other species, i would recommend you to feed the seedlings.

Good luck with this beautiful species!


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Hello Adam

Hi, thanks so much for your advise. It is so helpful for me.

I'm relived to hear that D. roraimae isn't so difficult to grow as I have never grown any South American sundews.

But it seems to be a little problem for me to keep the temp. above 10C during winter.

I got to think how to sort it out by the cold season arriving.

As for your 'cooled box', what a marvelous idea it is!

Best Regards

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