U. nephrophylla x nelumbifolia flower


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The first flower from U. nephrophylla x U. nelumbifolia popped a few days ago but didn't open fully. Thankfully, the 2nd flower was not far behind & opened last night so this morning I snapped a few shots.

Quasi 3/4 view




Side (closeup of the side-view - showing remnants of the colorful stripes on the spur from nelumbifolia dad)


As I posted before, the 2 plants are both in small 2.5" pots. The flower stalk on this 1st plant is ~25" (63cm) long - really amazing! The 2nd plant is also now sending up a stalk. The vigor of these two is shocking.

Here are the two plants a while back:


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Today I snapped a 'spent' stalk of U. nephrophylla x nelumbifolia reniformis However, once I pulled it out, I saw there was still a flower (dang super-long stalks!). Ooooops.

Anyway - snapped a pic before tossing.

Interestingly, there are some differences from this flower to the earlier ones. The 'eyes' are longer, the spur is longer, the hood is larger & the flower is wider. Other than less color around the 'eyes', I like most of the changes...


Edit: Looked in the tank yesterday & found that The stalk originated from a different hybrid pot - U. nephrophylla x reniformis --- oooops. Sorry (that's why there were so many differences with nephro x nelumbi flowers - aaarrrgh!)

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