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hello from Germany :) I'm a 16year old student from Germany who cultivates carnivorous plants ^^ It has all begun with a school project where everybody got a few plants and from then on I have been being interested in carnivorous plants, please excuse my English when I make some mistakes :D (my French is better :P).

As a student I don't have the money and the space to cultivate my plants in green houses or terraria. So I have some plants which stay outside durin the winter and some Nepenthes (venitrocasa x alata, x 'gentle', truncata, x 'Rebecca Soper'), and Drosera (spathulata, scorpioides, capensis, ...) I try to grow without terrarium.

This forum seems to be really current so I created an account, I hope I'll participate lots of interesting discussions :)



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Hallo, bin auch aus Germany, aber schon bisschen älter als Du ...

Willkommen hier, ich bin auch neu und werd mich jetzt hier auch erstmal vorstellen.

Viele Grüße aus dem südlichsten Süden,


Grüße auch an dich , PowerFlower.

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