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So after a very miserable start to our summer and several incidents to my plants caused by heavy wind/rain/cats/birds you name it i decided i needed some shelter for my plants.

Much as i'd love to own the amazing constructions done already by Gareth and Dicon on here, I have neither the skill, funds or space, in fact i was limited to a small uneven space between an existing shed and the fence at the end of garden, as so


I wasn't sure what to use as i didn't want glass as i have a 10 yr old and several footballs!, i'm not keen on the frosted appearance of polycarbonate either so opted for this instead


Its a "glazing kit" made from clear acrylic, available from bnq, it comes in different kit sizes e.g 6ft x 4ft, i got the 6ft x 8 ft as i knew i was going to have to butcher a lot of it. I also bought some timber, stain, screws and the obligatory fly trap whilst in BNQ's!


Total spend has come in at around £180, roughly the same as i'd of paid for a polycarb 6x4 greenhouse if i'd been able. As it is i've ended up with a much stronger structure and a little more room as a bonus.

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And so the build begins ( between downpours!), First the back panel...


Then screw on the glazing


Ooops first mistake, i forgot to stain the frame before glazing it!


Now stained !


Then the side panel, i wasnt gonna bother and just use fence panel but lots of crap grows through the panel from the neighbours.......



Front panel done leaving just a door and a roof to finish



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I added some old guttering i had laying about to the shed and a waterbutt for obvious reasons


I made the roof in two parts, one piece is fixed, the other is held to the frame using spring clips. I wanted to be able to open the greenhouse up to the elements whenever possible.




Door made and fitted, nothing on this house is square or equal but it's all gone together and i think my plants will love me now !


Nice and humid after a spray


The plants (mainly auction wins from here/Andy and Ian and Diane's large donation during their clearout!)









Many thanks for looking


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Thanks Flytyer!, You're too kind, it's a bit ramshackle, i was almost too embarrassed to post pics after seeing Gareth and Dicons Lush victorian lowland creations but i thought we needed a balance, a kind of "happy shopper" version :biggrin:

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Thanks all for such kind words, The plants are looking much happier and i just wish i'd done it sooner, the fly traps would be double the size they are now.

I'm just trying my first ceph and fly trap leaf cuttings which i couldn't of done before.

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