July pics

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had the time to take some pics and want to show them to you

Heliamphora grown under LED

IMG_9118.jpg?m=1343145430 IMG_9121.jpg?m=1343145435

N. attenboroughii from TC. Each pot is from a different peak

IMG_9123.jpg?m=1343145438 IMG_9124.jpg?m=1343145440


N. edwardsiana AW is growing very fast

IMG_9128.jpg?m=1343145446 IMG_9130.jpg?m=1343145449 IMG_9132.jpg?m=1343145452

N. jamban from seed

IMG_9133.jpg?m=1343145455 IMG_9136.jpg?m=1343145457

N. adnata x muluensis

IMG_9137.jpg?m=1343145459 IMG_9141.jpg?m=1343145461

N. burbidgeae x fusca from Mammut copper mines


N. villosa seedlings


N. hamata hairy

IMG_9064.jpg?m=1342041507 IMG_9066.jpg?m=1342041507

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