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Here is another location on Long Island, out in a State Park in Montauk, that has fantastic Filiformis!!

They grow in a wet, sandy swath out in the sun and circle back into the bog and grow bigger and greener with Intermedia.

There's another location nearby in another State Park with much bigger Filiformis and loads of them! These grow among grasses and other competing vegetation along with loads of Intermedia and tons and tons of Rotundifolia.

There is another location of Filiformis on LI that I know of, but there's very few of them there... the so-called Coastal-Plains Ponds which are badly overgrown with no Plains whatsoever. The informational sign there says that they are common. Maybe they were at one time... land is managed by the Nature Conservancy too.

These photos here are from the most stunning location in the open, sunny and sandy location in Montauk.








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Very nice Drosera. Well those Drosera seem to be pioneering plants. So when that habitat get overgrown by other vegetations its best to scrape off the top layer of soil with vegetation. On the bare sand soon new Drosera will apair.

They have done that with moist and wet heathland here in the country with the result of many Drosera intermedia and D. rotundifolia. Those heatlands where overgrown by grasses like Molinia caerulea. So by removing the toplayer with a buldozer it resultated in the return of many rare plants.


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