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I'm a little new with the whole CP thing, and I guess I lucked out with my drosera surviving over winter. I now have three VFTs that I need to keep nice and healthy. They are all on windowsills. Do I really need to move them to a colder part of the house during the winter? Does just reducing the water not suffice?

At the moment we have a cold frame (metal frame with a see through plastic cover.) will that be okay to house the plants outside over winter if I do have to take them out of the house.

We live in a high ceilinged Victorian house so rooms are quite chilly sometimes.

Thanks for helping out a noob!!!

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I only speak from my experience....I live in Chicago USA and our summers are brutally hot( 80 Degree Fahrenheit/102 degree Fahrenheit) and our winters are also brutal(30 Degree Fahrenheit/ -20 Degree Fahrenheit ) I keep all of me Sarras and Dioneas outdoors all year round with no protection( no green house). In the fall, the potted plants are bagged up in large black garbage bags(making sure soil is moist) then placed around the in ground bog tubs then buried in 10 -15 inch of straw, then next spring(March 17 St Patrick's Day) is when I remove all straws then I take them out of bags to expose them to the spring sun to get a jump-kick of energy to get the growth started and I tell you, both my Sarras and Dioneas come back healthier and more vigorous because of that rest. You mentioned you have a cold frame, I would say that frame would suffice as a wintering place for your VFT's (like the straw and bag that I use) and yes they do need that cold rest so they'd come back stronger and bigger next growing season...Good Luck

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Yes you do have to observe the cold dormancy. If you're worried about your cold frame temperature (I probably wouldn't be myself) then a good mulch of straw does the trick. I have a page dedicated to VFT care on my blog so go take a look, I also put a new post up today that has some flytrap pictures.


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