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One of my S. flava Maxima's is Adrian Slack's cultivar. I've had it two or three years and before this year it has been totally fine.

This year it's acting totally weird though. The pitchers are small and the lids are practically vertical. It's all a bit wonky.

Anybody know what's going on?


IMG_1198 by richardmbunn, on Flickr


IMG_1197 by richardmbunn, on Flickr


IMG_1196 by richardmbunn, on Flickr


IMG_1199 by richardmbunn, on Flickr

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It could be the conditions of being outside, like too windy, exposed etc are the reasons why the pitchers are deformed.

Once you have them in a greenhouse, they will be fine.

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Thanks Mike. Yeah perhaps it was the cold spring and I'm not even mentioning the bloody wind. The greenhouse, ah the greenhouse. If there's ever a dry day when nobody has a bad back we'll start putting it up.

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I had the same problem early this year, since our spring temps and conditions here in Chicago was unusually cold and windy. It resulted in twisted and stunted first few pitchers of all of my Sarras...

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Hi Richard.

I agree with Mike and dchasselblad74 I have most of my plants outdoors and there is one flava cuprea that does this regularly even though it is in the same media and bog as plants not 200mm from it that are growing fine. However this year there are two other plants doing the same thing in other bog locations and media so I think it must be weather or stress related. There are never any pests present that I can find and it is the whole plant that suffers not just one or two pitchers, which tends to indicate a general malaise rather than pests .



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My flavasĀ“s firsts pitchers of the season were deformed to. Somehow like yours. No aphids neither scales in my plants. I agree with Mike. In my case I think it is because of my awfull, coold, windy, rainy and dark april. Specially after a very warm March that encouraged first pitchers to develop. They are just pitchers growed in april the ones that later opened deformed.

Later pitchers were fine.

If only I had a greenhouse... :sun_bespectacled:

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Thanks. Yeah I think I'll have to put it down to the weather. The cold played a part in it early in spring but the wind was probably a major factor. I'll keep an eye on further developing pitchers now to see if any new ones (if anymore) display the same problem or recover.

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