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Drosphyllum size (different location?)

David Streit

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Last year, I started to grow from seed a drosophyllum, known to be more vigorous

And it is definitely more VIGOROUS !!!

The seeds I planted in February 2011 have given plants much bigger than the 4 years old drosophyllum I had before... (twice older...)

And I was wondering : could it be a plant from a different location ?

Unfortunately, I have no idea about its location...

Do any of you grow drosophyllum from different location (Portugal, Spain, Morroco ?)

The "normal" drosophyllum : 5 plants together, 4 years old



The "big" drosophyllum (only 2 plants, but 14 flowers stems), from seeds planted in february 2011

There is a 1 euro coin at the bottom right, to evaluate the size



It is definitely more vigourous, the plants divides at the base (main stem in the middle, + accessory stems on the borders + new growing points on the stem)


It even divides on the flower stem...


So my question again :

Do any of you grow drosophyllum from different location (Portugal, Spain, Morroco ?)

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I do grow Drosophyllum from two locations: Aveiro, Portugal from nearly the sea level (20 m a.s.l.) and Spain, 1220 m a.s.l.

The first is supposed to be bigger and the second smaller, moreover, the second is supposed to be more cool tolerants (since frost can occur in that altitude). I do not see much difference between the plants, but the first lowland location grows faster and makes longer stem in the same conditions. I thought, that the higland plants will also have shorter leaves, but no difference there. Moreover, lowland plant flowers with two scapes this year (last year only one), highland nothing so far (both are at the same age of two years and same conditions in my greenhouse).

So, i think yes, there might be some slight differences between locations. :-)



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Hi David,

Did you grow the first batch in your Gruyère terrarium before you moved to Lsne? Don't you think the growing conditions could account for the difference of size? (à propos, aurais-tu qques graines de ce mammouth ;-) J'aurais des gr de darlingtonia d'origine précise à te refiler...

Amitiés au Léman de ma part!


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I have both Portugal and Spain locations but I really believe the pot size is the issue here. In the first photo you have 5 plants together - Are those in the same pot ? I can't tell. In the second photo you have 2 plants together.

When you have a single plant in a big pot, there is a dramatic change in growth rate and size. From your first photo I can tell that they need more space. As they reach the limit of their root space, their "heads" start getting smaller instead of expanding.

Here are my plants. They are all the same age but mixed locations. As you can see the biggest one had the biggest root space right from the beginning. I have no doubt that others would have grown just as big if they didn't have smaller pots.

By the way this is an old picture, they have all been transplanted into bigger pots now.


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