S. venosum


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Hi everyone,

I have some questions about my S. venosum,





When I received the bulb, it was the size of a walnut. About 3cm. It has been growing like crazy and 3 months later the 10 cm pot it has been growing in looks a bit small...

Can I safely repot the plant during growth? Or should I wait and let it stay in this pot?

Another question. I think my plant gets too much light. Can you confirm this? Its looks like the plant is protecting himself from something.



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I have just put it into a bigger pot. I noticed 6 new growing points all around the plant. I never thought the plant would grow this fast..

Hi chrass,

Your voodoo Lily is looking good!! You will find when you come to dig up after it's finish growing the bulb could easily be two or three times the size from when you planted it!!

It might even be flowering size, you will need a nose peg then lol!!

Regards James

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Mine looks just like that and flowers every Winter without fail. It's a foul stink. :sick:

Waha. I received this plant this spring so it hasn''t flowered yet..

But I know what to expect now.

How long does the smell last?

I also have a S. nubicum which probably also will flower next spring. :smile:

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