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Anyone else share this theory?

Richard Bunn

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I have a theory. Far from being scientific though.

I've spent the past few days reading lots on Drosophyllum and looking at pictures in the wild. Probably the best footage can be found at Barry Rice's YouTube page and Jan Flísek & Kamil Pásek's article.

My thoughts regarding getting enough moisture is that most of the plants seem to grow pretty close to a sloping larger piece of rock which would channel the water.

What are your views on this? Perhaps I'm over-thinking things.

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I think it may help. But how about the plants growing by pine trees ? Those two web sites are showing rocky locations only. There are other locations covered with pine needles (pine leaves ?) and plants there seem to do just as fine.

I am thinking their primary source is the moisture deep below. They must be getting something from there, otherwise why bother making roots so long right from the beginning ? And then it's probably supported by the moisture in the air. Last summer I watered a couple of mine by only spraying the leaves very early in the morning and they did fine for a long time although of course to say something solid would require an actual scientific approach.

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