some flowers in june


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spec linz






sp Tonala(spec ANPA)




elizabethea naturecrossing






esseriana crossing?


moranensis San Felipe


X johanna



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moranensis typical




spec Tonala(heterophylla like)


moranensis Huixteco


pilosa x sumidero


spec Molango


moranensis San Felipe


spec Pachuca


gypsicola Buena Vista






Hope you like them :l_sunny:

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Great! Thanks for sharing.

I am able to identify some of them, but would it be possible to add the names of all your plants shown here?

Best regards


Hi Dieter ,hope it s better now? :thank_you2:

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Guest Andreas Eils

Great butterwort collection, Willy! :thumbsup:

Erm, your P. laueana looks a little strange to me. I´d say it resembles a lot P. agnata. :wink:

Best regards


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Hi Willy,

yes, this helps a lot! And I agree with the others about the two potentially mislabelled species. Anyway, your collection is great, but unfortunately now I have to hurry to get finally your seeds packed :-)



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Hi thanks for see this errors,off course it s agnata ,not mislabbeled ,only the pic from the laueana was not good and i mixed this up ,esseriana is another matter,i received this as esseriana from a normall trustfull grower from Netherland,i have other clones but this not flowering yet,she are lighter from rozetcolor ,meaby this are the right ones,this is mislabbeled ,i not like it when i have not the plants that i expect to have, :verymad:

This flower is bigger then debbertiana ,therefor i was not sure wat it is ,i think it s a crossing from esseriana x debbertiana?

I like it more when i have the real ones then mixed up things,crossings are nice when you know it s a crossing,

Cheers Will

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It s the maining post new flowers on here every month till i got them all,if members like this ? :peekaboo:

Meaby the topic become to big when i do this and lost there intresting? :suicide:

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I not know how to make,not a computerspecialist,i am glad i can post pics allready, :boredom:

The debbertiana and wat i have for esseriana above,i think the esseriana is spec Tolontonga


moranensis Morelia Lloyd Wix


moctezuma x colimensis


moranensis Geurrero




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Hello ,thanks to everyone that like wat i try to do.

I am not a proffesional photografe,so my photos are not allways very clear,sorry for this .

I have seen when i set photos on the forum some times i got thumbs up ,but sometimes i got thumbs down to,so some people find this so bad that she give me a thumbs down for all the work i do.

I have do a lot of work whit take pics and set on the forum for make the forum a bit more intresting and a bit nicer, but this not allways been apprecieerd.

Its match disapointed if it s go like this ,so i think it s a better idea that i not set photos anymore on the forum,i go let this to the proffesionals,she can do a better job like me.

So this are finally the last ones i have set on the forum and i not think i go chanced my mind on this,i thank everyone for there suport ,i also see that only a very few Englisch members like this ,mostly this are allways the same (1 or 2),i supoose the most Englisch members not like topic whit photos?

Very ,very few suport from UK members from a Englisch forum i must say!i am very suprised of this.

Allways been when i see posts of beautyfull pictures from other EU or not EU members ,never intresting from the UK members,very intresting,

:thanks: Will

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Guest Andreas Eils


I don´t think it has something to do with the quality of your photos when there are people who give you "thumbs down". I suppose these members don´t like you personally - maybe because of some complaints/critics/statements you posted now and then, I don´t know. Maybe there is even one or the other who is simply envious because of the many many species you grow. The quality of your pictures is by far good enough to be shown here. And I think quality of images is not such an important critic whether to show or not show images. It´s more important to share your happiness, fun and experience with your plants or also to illustrate problems and failure by images. Both is helpful for a lot of users and for feedback.

I believe there are SOME members - incl. me - who always appreciate to see your beautiful plants - carnivores or succulents or whatever.

It´s sad you decided to stop posting images. Perhaps it´s worth to overthink if you should let yourself being discouraged from a few "enemies" so easily. On the other hand I must admit that I haven´t noticed where and how often it happens you gain "thumbs down´s". I can understand very well that there is a point where you feel uncomfortable if you meet with hostility often enough.

To cheer you a little up I have given you a " :thumbsup: " for every image post in his threat! :smile:

I´d enjoy to see pictures of your plants again one day. :yes:

Kind regards


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Dear Willl9,

Very nice and healthy plants. congratulations for sharing. Could you post some pictures of your entire greenhouse to see how you arrange it ??

I am changing the old 4mm polycarbonate roof after 8 years and I was thinking of other arrangements

Thanks a lot.


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Thank you for the photos. Really nice an well grown plants.

The plant in the 4th photo is P. spec. ANPA and not P. potosiensis.



Hi Markus ,the flower is twice the size of ANPA,you not see on the pic s the difference in format of some flowers and plant,this plant came from ... as potosiensis red form ,it s a reddisch plant.

This is the second year in flower ,some other clones like the green and red and green from BCP have not flowering yet ,so this is the only i have seen in flower from (potosiensis.)

But when i see on pics from photofinder ,i think you have right and this is ANPA .

The others got flowering soon ,so i go see this soon.So i must wait till flowers for been sure of the plants ,even when she came from ... This wundering me ,i never have seen some wrong plant before from this seller,

vorowen;Hi! nice pinguiculas men! how do they got those redish colours?? they got direct sunlight??

No ,not full sun ,only match light,filtered whit buble plastic ,and a little shadow in the middle of the day,full sun at evening for a hour off so.

Miroslav Wonderful plants - and nice collection of flowers blooming all at once ,

today some new came open ,very dark flowers ,some are bloom out allready ,and the most of them must still came in flower ,you have a whole year flowering plants ,even in winter :thumbsup:

Cheers Will

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Hello all,after all this very nice and warm reaction s i consider to post more pics from pings,i really thaught my pictures are not so nice ,if i see the pictures from other growers ,she are match nicer then mine,i don t have a camera whit a macro lens ,so i can not take pics from details of the flowers,only can show the diversity of this very nice flowering plants. :thanks:

There are so many difference in this flowers and plants you can not imaginate if you not grow many of this,this are my favorite carnivorous plants ,not any other genus in carnivorous have such a diversity of flowers and plants,it s amazing.

Eric i go post a few pics from my greenhousse to so that you can see this. :happy:

Thanks andreas,when i give some critics ,complains or statements ,i never give this to the person ,but i give in general,only when people lying to me i give some personaly comments becausse i not like this,i not know any body personly ,she not know me ,so how can you take something on a forum personly.

Whit the cactus and succulent i got anemys to ,growers that where jalouse on the wrong way,but the most growers i know ,and this are a lot ,are all warm and friendly guys.I supoose it s the same whit carnivorous growers.

This is a forum over plants ,i not understand why other growers take some comments personly and give some others a thumb down becausse she not like ,but wat she not like at all?

My Englisch is also not good enoufg for sounds allways friendly ,i do my best to make me to understand ,some times meaby whit the wrong words ,but i supoose you not got match credit on a forum like this,or in a digital live that are created on your computer.

I only go to school till my 14 year and go work then in building,so i am not so smart like some members here ,i also have never learnt Englisch ,but i do the best i can,

For example,i can written many things abouth pings ,many very good tips for cultivate this ,but my Englisch is not good enoufg for explane this on the right way.

One very good tip ,when you want to multiply this ,pull out the leafs ,but let them under the other leafs of the motherplant ,all leafs got little plants in no time on this way,you lost not a single leaf,

Cheers Will

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Eric ,a few pics from my greenhousse ,hope you can use them





Cheers Will

cyclosecta,plant can color also very blueisch


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Guest Andreas Eils

Hoi Willy,

do I really spot still some space in your greenhouse? :lookeye: You have exactly what I need (regarding your garden and greenhouses)! P. cyclosecta is indeed a very nice species. Too bad I am forced to limitation. :(

Your English is not always totally correct but I think with a little thought most people should understand what you are talking about. :smile: I don´t want to write too much about this topic but I believe it´s almost impossible not to have enemies in this world. I use to overthink muchly what I write and how I write to avoid offending someone. However there´s always one who gets you wrong. In the end you just have to live with a couple of people who don´t like you. *shrug*

Kindest regards


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