Auction 389 - 8 Small VFT Plants

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This auction to help fund forum running costs

Auction 389 - 8 Small VFT Plants - donated by Andy Collins

All small plants see photo..

VFT-001 All Red

VFT-002 Heteradoxa All Green

VFT-007 Long Upright with Medium Traps

VFT-015 Red Dragon

VFT-048 Yellow (S.Taverner)

VFT-049 Red Piranha (S.Taverner)

VFT-058 G14 – Dirk Ventham's Giant

VFT-093 G3 X G14


Postage £3

Please post your bids here..

Auction will end 22nd June 2012 @ BST 20:00 hours. The last post with the highest bid, with the time showing BST 20:00 hours will be the winner.

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