Byblis bugs (Setocoris bybliphilus) on B. gigantea

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Hi all,

thanks to a good friend (may I post your name here?) I was lucky enough to obtain 3 Setocoris bybliphilus last autumn. They were adult sized with eggs in their abdomen. While transplanting them to my B. gigantea plants one fall onto the substrate of one pot and never was seen again. Another one died within three or four days. Not a good start at all! The very last one survived for months. I fed it with Drosophila the whole winter. Also I had to keep the plants under artificial lights because in the greenhouse during the winter Byblis always gets infected with white mould (hope thats the correct English term!). Now, back in the greenhouse the bugs did multiply and I have them on all adult sized B. gigantea plants. On the plant shown on the photo 4 or 5 bugs live together.

Kindest regards



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