lift share to mike kings?

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is there anyone going to mike kings that has room for me?

I live in Chippenham Wiltshire, and can get to local destinations for a pick up

i have £ for petrol, and probably a small tray of plants to take with me!


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Thanx Les,

i have had a change of plans now, and my wife doesnt need our car!

so i will be going to Mikes under my own steam!

thank you so much for your offer, i hope to meet

you there! Im also trying to convince my wife that

i need to attend your open day!!

Enjoy the weekend & drive safe!

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I'll see you at Mikes, you'll be the one with designer sunglasses and white leather flairs no doubt.

Do come along to my open day, I need to get a few visitors to convince me it's worth doing it again next year. I have a great collection and some fantastic seedlings coming along.


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