Auction 385 - 8 Small Sarracenia Plants

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This auction is for the CPUK Competition Prize Fund

Auction 385 - 8 Small Sarracenia Plants - donated by Andy Collins

All small plants see photo..

F16 S. flava cv.'Claret'

F41 S. flava var. flava

F73 S. flava var. maxima

F80 S. flava var. flava

H39 S. catesbei

H57 S.(flava maxima x mooreana) x S. popei

H104 S. alata x rubra ssp wherryi - Tibbee, Alabama

Hi48 S. Hybrid


Postage £3

Please post your bids here..

Auction will end 2nd June 2012 @ BST 20:00 hours. The last post with the highest bid, with the time showing BST 20:00 hours will be the winner.

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