Humidity and pitchers

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i have a rajah and mira

to get them to produce pitchers, am I right in thinking that the humidity should be higher during the nights than the days, or does it not really matter?

Currently the humidity is around 60% during the day and 80%+ at night.

I could get it higher during the day if needed, but i give them more airflow during the daytime, which lowers the humidity

since i got them in september they have been fine in these conditions, but obviously no pitchers in the winter

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just noticed on the mira, a leaf that is around 3 months old that had a tendril and the very start of a pitcher that has not changed since it formed has suddenly burst into life and there is a nice little pitcher now :thumbsup:

are there factors that could influence the size of pitchers produced e.g higher humidity for bigger pitchers, less food for bigger/or more pitchers?

just wondering if i should still fertilize with tea now

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coffee is used more than tea,good light should give smaller leaves but bigger pitchers,real ground coffee like you would drink but no milk or sugar and made with rain water or whatever you normally water with,i have used this and it does seem to get the plants growing stronger,i found rajah hard to grow and mine died but good luck

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You will find that with using tea. The plants produce leafs but not many pictures. There's a post about tea treatments on here. I would say use ground coffee instead as you will get leafs and pitchers on your plants.



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