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Drosophyllum In Britain

Daniel G

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Well, i unwittingly germinated on of these, and desperately need info, even after reading two or three books, more knowledge would be nice.

First of all, has anyone on these forums grown them in Britain, and with what methods? Can they be grown in a greenhouse? (Cold house conditions) Also, and decent tips would be nice.



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they are fairly common and easy to grow

cold house, yes no problem

they need a big pot of gritty compost, dont stand in water once mature, just water every week from above

treat it like a sundew until it is a couple of inches high, then treat it like a cactus!

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If it's one of those peat pots I wouldn't remove the plant from it at all. Place that pot in the new mix and allow it to biodegrade. Avoids stress on the plant.

I was planning that :D

Thanks for the input everyone!

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