Cut off the flower stalk?


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One of my Cephs is starting to develop a flower stalk, the first time I've had one. Although it will be interesting to see it flower, I recall reading that some CPs can be severely weakened by flowering. Are Cephs among those - should I cut off the stalk to avoid weakening the plant?


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Some people claim to have had success cutting the stalks into segments and setting them in live sphagnum as cuttings, luck of the draw I would imagine.

I have done this a number of times and had shoots form, but this past season is the first time I actually had a decent shoot form. Unfortunately I forgot to tag the one that grew, so I am not sure if it is still amongst the cuttings that are still growing. All previous ones did poorly compared to leaf cuttings and I gave up on them. There is no harm in trying each season though, if I have enough space.

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