Let the genocide commence

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Today I was in one of the very few garden centres near me that actually has (wait for it) houseplants! I noticed half a dozen Dionaea there. At least it's early, not like the one's in Sept. Anyway, let the genocide season commence. Which one will survive? It's like the Hunger Games. :moderator:

It's prompted me to put a care guide for them on my blog.

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My local DIY/gardening stores usually have VFT's for sale during the summer, but last year they also had Sarra's (Homebase and B&Q), and Drosera (B&Q). I knew many of them would be dead in a short while, if not by being kept in poor conditions in the stores, then by people buying them who have no idea how to keep them. As a result, my collection grew accordingly.

The instructions given on the label from B&Q is totally inadequate for the plants, and Homebase are even worse :ireful2:

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I always feel sorry for the CPs in places like that, i rescued a Nep from the bargain trolley last year, it was going to get thrown out =/ its now doing great and looking loads more healthy, when i bought it the leaves had all grown straight up with no pitchers due to lack of light and it was a very pale greeny/yellow colour, its now looking a nice healthy green with a lovely tint of red to the leaves =D

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I also noticed B&Q & Woodies (similar) introducing Drosera & Sarracenias in the past few years. I've got three Sarracenias that I got from there. One looks very much like a purpurea but isn't a true type. Another is a psittacina. I'm not sure if it's a real psittacina or not. I'm gonna have to put my feelers out on here to see if people have seen them around.

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