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I'd like to know how many blogs about carnivorous plants are there on the internet? Do you have a blog? Post a link in here.

Here's mine: Carnivorous Garden Blog - "Carnivorous plants hobbyist from the land of thousands of lakes."

I've kept this blog since 3.2.2011 and so far there are 51 posts and yet more to come. Updated at least once per month but the blog will be updated more often during summer. :smile: On my blog I will focus on Drosera, Utricularia, Cephalotus and Pinguicula, but I also write about Nepenthes and few non carnivorous plants such as orchids, chilies and cacti.



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Hello Florent,

nice website you have!

43 minutes ago, Blackout said:

Some of you may remember Joachim Danz's website, that, regrettably, is no longer online.

of course I do remember my site, and I still have a local copy...  :-)

It took some years of work and a move to reach the next step in cultivation.

Sadly I don´t have the time to put a valuable site together right now.
But f you are interested in what happens, you can check my posts in
the German GFP-Forum:ächshaus-nepenthes/ügbar/

Regards Joachim

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