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Gareth Davies

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Apparently, there's rajah seeds for sale now-

cpuk sales forum rajah seeds!

The seller tells me that these have been produced in cultivation, in the uk, which is exciting news, since I wasn't aware that there were any female rajah plants in cultivation.... and that there haven't been many males flower up to now.

Has anyone got any idea who this is who has generated these rajah seeds? The seller won't tell me who it is, but I'm sure we'd all agree that it's one of the more exciting developments amongst Nep growing at the moment.

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I was considering buying some, but rajah is not an easy plant to flower, so to get either two in flower at the same time, or have a female plant flower and receive male pollen from somewhere in the world would be very lucky. And if it was in cultivation then I'm surprised no seeds of rajah crosses have popped up.

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Personally I have very strong doubts, that rajah seed has been produced in the UK - appologise to whoever if I'm wrong.

Looking at the sellers past input to this forum, it seems to be mostly to sell seeds - which look to me like left overs from ebay purchases.

I'm not saying the seed isn't genuine, but if it is, then it's more likely to be wild collected.

I would suggest that the Mods should ask for proof of where this seed comes from, before they continue to allow it to be sold on here.

If the seller is lieing he has a reason. If it's genuine, then he has no reason not to provide proof to the Mods (in strict confidence) of who produced it in the UK.

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Gareth I belief there are female rajah in cultivation the comon belief that all the plants around (inc. the 4 Kew clones?) are male I think is false. Personally Id still avoid them them, remember Mr Smarts flowering edwardsiana pair.


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I personally don't care if the seeds were bred in captivity or extracted at arms length from a mule at Heathrow! :sick:

I just want the ugly truth so I can make my own moral choice as to whether or not I buy them.

Sadly as we have witnessed before, some people think that because we have a strange hobby, we are all retarded. :to_become_senile:

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Now there are some N. edwardsiana seeds for sale.

As it is written that they don't come from in situ, I wonder who is able in the world to grow an adult male and an adult female of this species.

As far as I remember, it's a very tall species. It's very hard for me to imagine someone with both sex flowering in the same time.

But I hope that I am wrong, which would be a very nice thing for all the community...


Hey Guys

I have got new seeds today and their are all fresh. But one Information' date=' I have many friends all over the world. Some plants are from England or Indonesia.... The seeds are NOT from the nature.

Here is the list:


N. sp. "viking" (last pod with 10 seeds)


N. rafflesiana

N. gracilis

N. reinwardtiana

N. truncata


N. gymnamphora

N. edwardsiana

N. rajah

N. diatas

N. jamban

N. lamii

I would search Nepenthes plants and (seeds) and Petiolaris-Droseras.

If you take over 4 pods, you will get a little priceless

Transport all over the world is no problem for me ;)




And quite interesting:


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Not only edwardsiana seeds FROM CULTIVATION, but lamii seeds as well!! I'd love to hear from whoever has got a flowering pair of lamii plants, letting us know how they have managed to grow this ultr-slow plant to flowering size within just a few years, since I don't think many of us have got this species beyond 2cm across yet.....

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Hey Guys,

One thing, I have many friends, not only in Germany. I have also friends in Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Australia, India etc. When I would say my friend get the seeds from the nature you all would say something....

But some peoples are thinking that it's okay to collect some low seeds from the nature.

I will write my friend an E-Mail and show it to you.


ok guy ... just proof that the rajah seeds you are offering are from breeders else this offer is not legal. N. rajah is appendix 1 else it is harvested from cultivated plants. As long as you won't proof that the seeds are taken from cultivated plants your offer is illegal and everyone is buying your stuff is also doing illegal things. That is no fun what you are doing here.

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  • 2 months later...

I recently noticed someone selling Nep seeds here & on the Nep forum who sounded very similar to someone from the recent past. After doing a little digging, I re-located this thread. Since there is no evidence that this person has done anything wrong, I'm making this post to suggest that any potential purchasers do their homework....

Here on CPUK - there are a number of similarities between Rob-tron and this individual, Bongo, selling a host of Nep seeds. For starters, Rob-tron left the forum around 02 May 2012 and Bongo joined the forum 08 May 2012. Wording & species are also very similar.

On the Nep forum - Coincidentally, an individual, Hungry, has recently posted similar seeds.

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