U. asplundii flowers

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I've been waiting for over a month to dig this plant out of it's regular home for a few pics (major tangles!!) - so today was the day ...

U. asplundii, Chiwinda Ecuador (short lobe clone)


There's approximately 50 stalks in there. I counted multiple times, getting counts from 48 to 56. Wow - that cinderblock sure doesn't do the plant justice ... ??? ... but there's no way I can dig that thing out again ... :wall2:

Views of flowers...



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Sweet mother of mercy! My jaw just dropped on the floor, what the heck did you do to that guy to make it so beautiful? I'm sure everyone's interested to hear about your cultivation methods.

Magnificent plant, thanks for sharing! :yes:

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I'm sure everyone's interested to hear about your cultivation methods.

Thanks for the kind thoughts! These plants are in a 75 gal tank in my basement (those of us without greenhouses have to make do with what we have).


- cool basement temperatures (approx mid 70's*F (24*C) during day & mid 60's*F (18*C) at night -- roughly 5*F (2.8*C) degrees warmer in summer). Tank w/ U. campbelliana sits on the cement floor & is roughly 4-5*F cooler.

- media - live LFS (U. jamesoniana & U. campbelliana are on plaques)

- 4" netpots - top watered when surface live LFS starts to look dry (no water tray - excess water drains)

- live LFS is placed between pots on shelf and in bottom of tank (I do this in all of my tanks to maintain a decent humidity level & also as a visual indicator)

Here's the tank:


Last year I deliberately allowed a U. nelumbifolia & U. humboldtii clone to 'escape' into the lower regions of the tank (in the LFS & prolifera mess). These plants thrived like nothing else I've grown. The U. nelumbifolia leaves reached ~4" diameter so they had to go (shaded everything else). One of the U. humboldtii leaves can be seen on the far back right of the tank pic. It's roughly 18" high by 2.5" wide.

Quick flower pic from another clone. This has much longer lobes & darker colors:


There is a longer term Orchidioides discussion thread on Terra where this kind of info/pics are regularly shared/discussed. Anyone interested is welcome to participate. The first post also contains links to many excursions featuring these plants in their native habitat.

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