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Jeremiah's Nepenthes

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fantastic Jeremiah, as if the Neps weren't jaw dropping enough you sneaked in a U quelchii in bloom! Just awesome. Thanks for sharing them all with us.

btw would you be able to post a picture of your full setup so we can see all the plants together?

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Great plants as usual, Jeremiah.

Regarding N. northiana, what changes did you make before you finally found steady growth? I have mine in lower light with temperatures that pretty consistently hover around 70 F, and pure live sphagnum, and it seems to be growing well as of now. I approached this species with the same advice I had been given regarding N. campanulata, since they both appear to be found in less acidic, warm, but not exceedingly bright environments.

@Gaz: Here's part 1 of a video that Jeremiah made last year, covering what seems like his entire greenhouse:

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Hi Jeremiah

Great plants, and you're even doing extremely well with the lowlanders now too.

Nice work with the N. northiana and N. bicalcarata. I have seen better, but they were in the wild!



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