Guess the Pinguicula and win some plants or seeds

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Hello everybody,

after some nice flowers in the past weeks I would like to start a little contest. Attached you can find some Pinguicula pictures. Some of them are pure plants others are hybrids. Some plants are quite easy to guess others perhaps not.

The rules:

The person that has guessed the most plants (the name is enough, no location data or so needed) correct will win the first price. The winnings:

Place 1: 1 x Pinguicula ´Jannes´ + 1 x Pinguicula ´Johanna´, free shipping (within Germany and EU)

Place 2: Some seeds (maybe 10 or more if I have enough) of a crossing "Pinguicula ??? x Pinguicula cyclosecta". I forgott to write the name of the pollen receiving plant on the seed, perhaps it was Pinguicula gypsicola ´buena vista´.

If two persons habe the same amount of right plants, the first post will win. I can only accept answers that were not edited after posting, so that nobody can chance his guesses. End of game will be sunday 15.04.2012 at 20.00 o´clock middle european summer time. Every person is allowed to give one guess (one answer), additional guesses in a second posting or changes are not allowed (feel free to discuss). It depends on the number of participants how fast I can tell you the winners and send the plants/seeds. Please be patient ;-) I will contact the winners.

This game has been startet in german GFP forum at the same time. All guesses on both forums (here and GFP) are equal.

I have written enough in bad english, here the plants:

plant 1:

plant 2:

plant 3, quite hard to guess without flower ;-)

plant 4:

plant 5:

plant 6:

Have fun.

Cheers Chris

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Hi Chris,

What a hard guess without labellings ;-)

I would try

plant 1:

P. rectifolia (P. sp. tonola)

plant 2:

P. pilosa

plant 3 :

P. potosiensis or P. moranensis var moranensis

plant 4:

P. crassifolia

plant 5:

P. moranensis x P. gypsicola

plant 6:

P. enigma (P. cyclosecta)

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so my shots :hunter:

1 rectifolia

2 it can be pilosa

4 crassifolia

and now it pretty hard for me.

3 moranensis

5 I really don't know maybe one of the plants from first prize Pinguicula agnata x debbertiana

6 this can be a trap and I think about this

others are hybrids.

so my shot is for second plant from 1st prize Pinguicula debbertiana x cyclosecta

I hope it is correct. I want win 1st prize :D

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Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

1. Pinguicula rectifolia (with a missing petal)

2. Pinguicula pilosa

3. Pinguicula gypsicola

4. Pinguicula crassifolia

5. Pinguicula 'Jannes'

6. Pinguicula cyclosecta x ehlersiae

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Hello guys,

very interesting replys, here are the correct labels:

Pflanze 1: P. rectifolia

with a missing petale

Pflanze 2: P. pilosa

Pflanze 3: P. lautner 92/52 x P. gypsicola ´buena vista´

well I think it was impossible to guess correct ;-)

Pflanze 4: P. crassifolia

beautiful color :)

Pflanze 5: P. laueana x debbertiana

wonderful and large flower, that I could see for the first time some days ago, really impressive for me

Pflanze 6: P. jaumavensis x cyclosecta

Die cyclosecta lässt sich nicht verbergen, viele haben ja auf P. ´Jannes´ getippt.

Of course you can see that the plant is close to P. cyclosecta

For any correct plant you got one point, if it was a hybrid each correct part of the plant gave 0.5 points. The winners are:

1st price: simone, I was really impressed from your guesses, quite good

2nd price: piranha, well done

Thanks for participation, perhaps I will repeat this another time. :)

Cheers Chris

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