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Cephalotus "Triffid Albany Black Clone"

Daniel G

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Good old Flea-bay.

From Triffid Nurseries too! Here's what it says in the description.

"A really RARE opportunity so get your hands on a very collectable clone of the Albany Pitcher Plant - Cephalotus follicularis. The clone is called "Triffid Albany Black" and is a cutting taken from my original Mother plant which came directly from Australia to me.

The photos were taken on 1.4.2012 and the plant in the photos is the plant you are bidding on. For reference the current height of the pitchers at the moment is 3cms. The plant will be sent in the pot.

The mother plant was given to me by a Collector in Australia from where the original plant came from a few years ago. This clone already has very, very dark maroon pitchers, almost black (hence the Clone name!) which will get even blacker as the intensity of the sunlight gets greater throughout the Summer.

This plant has been grown in an unheated polytunnel at our CP Nursery. It happily tollerated a winter low of minus 7C earlier in the year.

This clone has NEVER been tissue cultured at any time and has been only ever been grown in Australia and in Suffolk, UK!!

This clone has never been offered for sale in the UK before and is not available on the Triffid Nurseries website.

There is NO Reserve on this item - Good Luck!!"

Alarm bells anyone?

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Well, just in case you were wondering, i have nothing against you, nor was i having a dig at you. :) I've seen fakes around before, and unless i've seen plants around alot before under a certain name, then i ask others if they've seen it.

I like to get information.

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Hi Daniel,

Thats fair enough.

I have been growing Cephs for just over 28 years now and I can confirm that this is no "fake". Its a very real, living, very dark coloured Cephalotus clone that I have been growing for a number of years now and is a plant that I am particularly proud of.

You certainly won't have seen this particular plant around before (unless you have visited Triffid Nurseries in recent years) since I have never sold one, nor given one away before. Alot of growers guard their favourite plants with a passion!! I am no exception.

Finally, I have no wish to mislead anyone. Never have done. Never will.

Kind Regards


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Andy, i understand that completely. and hope i haven't offended you.

I wish you luck in your auction, and hope that you earn the money you deserve for the plant :)


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£270.... more than i expected!

Very well done Andy! I hope to see this plant around in the future, and maybe own it one day :)

Hi all

That's a lot of money to spend on such a small plant no matter how rare it is!!

Nice plant mind you, think I'll wait a couple of decades until the price comes down lol!!!

Cheers Jim

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On 26.10.2016 г. at 11:06 PM, Ron said:

Cephalotus Follicularis, One year old Leaf pullings



Triffid Albany Black





I'm getting confused which one is Triffid as both look to me just one and the same typical....

Can other people also post pics of this Triffid  Albany Black clone please?

Has anyone seen the mother plant? I'm sure  Andy from Triffid can help us posting pics of the mother plant.


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I fully agree with you Dimitar. And it's the normal typical of Carniflora next to TAB. In my eyes exactly the same plant. And I've never seen a full black TAB under natural conditions. All were dark brown even like the winter colour of a typical. 

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Here we go again!     Dimitar we all grow these wonderful little plants as best we can,in different conditions to varying degrees of success.

we can't grow them all at the same time and same age to compare against each other on an equal footing.

Did you get a certificate with your plant?   It seems to me,a few people have got together and by sticking together and backing each other,their word goes!

We can all take cuttings and they grow at different rates,even side by side in almost similar conditions,so just because one plant appears typical at the moment ,it is branded typical by you.it might just need a bit longer to mature to compare it to another.

Is it because it is  a seed grown location plant not grown by you?     All you plants take on a good colour grown in your conditions,are they all typical?

i don't want to fall out over this,but we swap/sell and share plants with trust between growers and i for one would never sell,swap or send any plant to any one i didn't think was the real thing.

Is it just natural variation in a monotypic species and money has got in the way?

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Adrian, if u have pics of your Triffid please feel free to post them...


Here is another example:

Typical, Triffid Albany Black,  Big Boy and Dudley Watts: 


Here is just Typical





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With dark clones, I suspect that people have expectations to see the colouration in their conditions. Side-by-side I would expect to see a dark clone darker than a typical in conditions conducive to colouration.

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